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Maryland has often been called “America in miniature”.  From the Bay to the mountains, from the farmlands to the high tech headquarters, from the military bases to the parks, Maryland is an ideal place to work, to raise a family, to enjoy the benefits of great educational system and a tolerant and diverse community, and to live the American dream.

Maryland’s proximity to our nation’s capital has also offered residents and businesses an added bonus – access to government jobs, contracts, and institutions.  This proximity has created a “tale of two economies”, as the State has been very successful at creating jobs tied to government spending (Maryland is the third most dependant state in the U.S. on federal spending) but generally ranks near the bottom of private sector job creation. In the context of our national budget crisis, however, we must question the likelihood of federal spending continuing at the same levels and focus on creating a business and non-profit climate that can thrive outside of federal spending.  We believe this task is central to Maryland’s future.

Blueprint Maryland is initiating a dialogue on job creation and economic development. Our goal is to foster a collaboration of forward thinking leadership between business and community leaders and hard working families across the State. Starting with the release of widely praised economic analysis we conducted, we will focus on developing a roadmap of the best ideas for job creation and long-term economic stability for the State of Maryland.

Join the conversation! Work with us to develop a plan for long-term job growth against a backdrop of a rapidly changing economy and changing workforce trends. We hope you will share your ideas, comment on the suggestions others have made, and help us discover innovative and sound paths for greater stability and prosperity.

  News Updates
Congratulations on Corridor recognition
February 28, 2012

Congratulations to Aris Melissaratos, winner of Corridor Inc.‘s Person of the Year Award. A very well deserved honor - read more at

We’re also proud that Blueprint Maryland founder John Delaney was nominated for this, and pleased that he received recognition from Lt. Governor Anthony Brown who wrote, “This recognition reflects distinct credit upon your contributions to the quality of life we enjoy in Maryland.”

read more
Blueprint Chair nominated for “Man of the Year”

John Delaney, the Founder and Chairman of Blueprint Maryland, has been nominated for Corridor Inc’s “Man of the Year”. Visit to vote for him!

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